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Scott is a Board-Certified Coach (BCC). He works with Academy of Choice in developing CEU credits for coaches. Scott is a Senior Faculty member with the William Glasser institute


Scott holds an MA in Counseling and Human Development and served students & staff in schools in Norway, the Dominican Republic & United Arab Emirates as well as two schools in upstate New York

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Scott holds an Ed.D in Organizational Leadership and an advanced degree in School Administration. He has headed schools in China, Ukraine & Albania. He specializes in topics such as Mastery Learning, Lead Management, Choice Theory, Parenting, & the Get Happier School. Scott presents at numerous conferences most recently ACAMIS 2019 and EduTech


Scott is a Health Coach, Qualified Yoga Instructor 500EYT & HeartMath Breath Coach


"Scott's leadership and skill in working with people under all conditions is outstanding, and as a result he has created a culture in his school which is positive, proactive and nurturing. His skills in counselling, teaching, leading and coaching are exceptional, and have been recently recognised by his appointment to Senior Faculty, the highest teaching level in William Glasser Institute International. He has a wholistic approach to wellbeing, and teaches and practices Yoga at the highest level as part of his emphasis on wellbeing. While Scott is able to see the big picture, he is also skilled at making plans and actioning his goals in the present moment. He is a courageous and early adopter of ideas and practices which promote excellence. Finally, Scott lives his life in congruence: he practices what he teaches and is always taking action to improve.’

Founder, The Get Happier Project Psychologist Senior Faculty, The William Glasser Institute

"I was encouraged to take the course with Dr. D, the inspiring and thoughtful mentor when I lost two of my important parents in half-year four years ago. It started to help me walk out from the deepest depression moment in my life, but it comes to be a truly enlightening journey to explore the essential world. It has changed the way I view the real world and the vision of what is really matter to us. A valuable, much-needed resources. A contribution to the understanding of improving relationship and communication with couples, communities."

Victoria C.
Senior Admission Officer

"Scott is someone who soothes your nerves after you have a bad time and then talk to. Sometimes I would say his words are like the lighthouse in the darkness, when you are puzzled about something. He usually takes a panoramic view of the situation and handles it wisely, and it makes us feel great to be led and guided."

Belinda L.

"In today's fast paced digital society, Dr. D has preserved and mastered the artful skill of listening to stakeholders. Whether it is a community town-hall gathering or a one on one meeting, Dr. D's ability to address peoples' needs on an individual basis is a greatly appreciated skill."

Brian G.
Director of Instruction

"Dr. D measured, confident, and patient mentorship as I pursued and earned Choice Theory and Reality Therapy certification brought me entirely new ways of viewing my work and personal relationships. He is a companionable ear and ever-willing voice for reflection on how to achieve authentic contentment and approach life's challenges with a view toward happiness."

Julie G.
Admissions Coordinator

"Scott leads in a way that empowers. By listening more than speaking he purposely creates a strength-based culture where teachers and administrators thrive. He skillfully guides from a place of positivity with the intention of allowing for personal and professional growth."

Lisa S.
Director of Instruction

"Even in the time of stress and uncertainty, Scott is always able to see what action is needed for the organization. His Leadership comes natural and it is clear that his priorities are straight."

James N.
IT Coordinator

I would like to coach you in your habit evolution journey so you can develop the habits to be the person you want to be. Most humans unwittingly age themselves with physical, mental, emotional or relational deterioration. They either are not aware it is preventable or have not developed the habits to create a life full of ease, energy and thrive. You will be more able to achieve your desired health breakthroughs and wellness goals.

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